Dear Starbucks, Your Cups Are The Worst

Leaky cupsI have finally had it.  I will be the first to admit I do love Starbucks coffee.  But what is the deal with the cups?  They are terrible! They ALWAYS leak.  For a while I thought maybe it was just me… perhaps I wasn’t drinking it right and the true “Starbuckians” (I think that is a word) knew the right way and I just needed to get with the program.  But I have been drinking the coffee for a long time now… it’s not me, it’s you.

I have hesitated to openly bash your cups because I appreciate that they are not styrofoam.  I also realize you are a pretty smart company so I am sure you made the choice of cups after painstaking review.  But really, what is the story here? There is even a Wiki on how to keep your Starbuks cup from leaking!  Is the only way to make a good cup that doesn’t leak from the lid to make it out of styrofoam?  Don’t you have a team of physicists that can fix this problem?

For years I have been thinking at least your cups are probably eco friendly.  I can deal with coffee all over the console of my car if it is for the environment.  But today I had a revelation.  Whenever I buy your coffee I also grab a huge wad of napkins because I know I will have coffee drips all over my car… so it hit me, what if all of your customers are doing this?  Isn’t that bad for the environment?  You should conduct a study on napkin supply depletion compared to sales and see if your ratio is much higher than industry norms.  For instance, how do you compare to say McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts or KFC.  If you are giving out a lot more napkins per person it might be your cups.

leaky cups

Ironically, I have been on a several year long quest for the perfect travel mug, and yours is – hands down – the winner.  Your travel mugs are simple, easy to clean, they keep the coffee hot for a long time, and they don’t have the long list of challenges other mugs seem to have.  Is this all part of your plan?  To make lousy cups so that people buy your travel mugs at $22 per?  I guess that would be pretty smart.

Now I get it!

– Jason Chagnon

PS:  I still love you… even though your cups are terrible.


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